Connect Anytime Anywhere with Qubes

Connect Anytime Anywhere with Qubes

You may of seen the amazing range of Pod tents across Facebook recently as the range of Interconnecting tents went viral in 2016 with their video content being viewed by 60 Million people across the popular Facebook pages of David Wolfe , GI Gadgets , The Lad Bible , Insider design and Fatherly to name a few .

The game changing range of tents allowed customers to link tents together so they could build their own bespoke camping set up on the fly.  The Pod range was aimed at the high end range of the camping market due to the nature of the materials used and the sheer size of the product; this however meant that for some people the product was out of their price range.

Jason Thorpe company director of M2C Innovation decided that they also need to offer an ultra-competitively price version of the Pod in order to service a different market place and so set about developing the Qube range. “ I realised that people loved the idea of connectivity but that we also had to offer a different product for a different market so we went back to the drawing board and reengineered an old design to make it suitable for camping in and Qube was born”

Qube is a quick pitch tent that can be fully set up in under 2 minutes and unlike other quick pitching tents it’s just as easy to pack away so you won’t need to be an origami specialist to get it back in the bag. The Qube’s come with a black lining to the material to block out the sun making it super dark inside which is perfect for those festival days when you might of only just gone to sleep as the sun comes up !  if however you want the light to come in you can uncover any of the 4 windows to let the light in.

Designed with an extensive ventilation system to ensure air flow is maximised and condensation is reduced inside the tent Qube’s will have a cool internal environment plus the addition of a window pocket that you can slip a solar panel into allows you to harness the power of the sun to charge up your devices.

The initial Qube range will be offered in 3 sizes a 2,3 & 4 man and in 3 colour variations of Orange , Red & Blue with plans to offer bespoke designs in the future production runs. The single universal connector will connect together any Qube variation as is offered in grey so it goes with all Qube colour options.

The Qube’s are currently on Indiegogo throughout March with an expected delivery date of July / August 2017 to customers.

The question is how will you #qubeit  with what we think is the best festival tent ever !



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